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Kevin Young: Site Visit - Smith Mountain Lake, VA Shoreline Dock Trout Creek Basin - Site of Proposed Hydro Project (P-62603), Colorado Lakeside Paddleboard Stand and Picnic Area YES Staff: Trail Counter Installation Trout Creek Basin - Site of Proposed Hydro Project (P-62603), Colorado Tehachapi Valley: Near Bison Peak Pumped Storage Project Site Tailwater Fishing Access North Hartland Lake Dam Tailwater Trout Fishing Access FERC Insignia Recreation Management Planning: Boat Launch Site Kevin Young and Liberian EPA: Site Visit - Kpatawee Falls, Liberia Boat Launch and Reservoir Fishing Access Shoreline Management - Dock Photo New Summit Pumped Storage Project - Layout Map Kevin Young: Site Visit - Hawks Nest Hydro Project, WV Peabody Trout Creek Reservoir - Recreation Study Map Windfarm Near Bison Peak Pumped Storage Site: Tehachapi Valley, CA Geothermal Plant Renewable Energy: Biomass Algae Flasks Solar Panels Alternative Fuel: Plug-In Vehicle Power Station

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Young Energy Services, LLC (YES) is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the Environmental Review and Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects, including Hydro, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and Biomass. YES Staff and Associates are experienced in the Siting, Permitting, and Licensing of Energy Related Projects throughout the United States and Canada, as well as the Review of Energy Projects around the World. YES has Strategically Selected Staff who have provided High Quality, Cost-Effective, Environmental and Engineering Energy Services, including the Management and Execution of an Engineering and Environmental Support Contract with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): Office of Energy Projects.

YES focuses on FERC Licensing and on the Shoreline and Recreation Management of Hydroelectric Projects licensed by the FERC. YES Staff and Associates have a Special Expertise and Interest in Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Projects, because as more Renewable Forms of Energy are introduced in to the grid of the United States, Storage Capacity needs to be increased to satisfy this growth. Current Energy Research predicts revenue from the Installed Energy Storage for the grid and ancillary services of the United States to expand from approximately $700 Million in 2014 to over $15 Billion by 2024.

Licensing and Compliance 

YES Staff and Associates are expert in the Licensing of conventional hydro, pumped storage, and hydrokinetic projects that require licensing by the FERC. YES Staff and Associates are experienced in the Siting and Permitting of the entire spectrum of Renewable Energy Projects. YES also has Associates Experienced in the Study, Licensing, and Review of gas fired generating stations, gas pipelines, and gas storage projects. YES Staff has Extensive Involvement in Agency Consultation, Public Interaction, and Liaison with Project YES White LogoEngineers. YES Staff and Associates have Specialized Expertise in Hydro Engineering and in the Hydraulic Modeling of Hydro Project Operations and in the Specialized Calculation of features, such as Probable Maximum Precipitation and Probable Maximum Flood. YES Staff has been involved with International Utilities and Lending Agencies. In Africa, YES Staff has worked with the African Development Bank in the development of Review Guidelines for Energy Projects and has participated in Environmental Training Programs in Thailand and the Ivory Coast. Hydro projects have been reviewed by YES Staff in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Liberia.

Recreation Use and Shoreline Management

YES Staff and Associates provide services in the areas of recreation use monitoring; shoreline management, recreation planning, and the development of specific Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) and Recreation Management Plans (RMPs) for FERC licensed hydroelectric projects. SMPs are often required by the FERC, in particular on multi-use projects, where lands and waters require a planning process to ensure all stakeholders are considered and the reservoir and project resources are adequately managed.

Shoreline Management Plans 

Shoreline management planning is essential to protect and enhance the scenic, recreational, cultural, and environmental resources of project lands and waters.  Shoreline development and shoreline activities that occur within the project boundary must be consistent with the articles of license and designated operations of FERC-licensed hydroelectric projects. Hydroelectric owners are subject to the varied challenges related to increased development on project lands and waters, including public recreational use, preservation of environmental resources, and non-project use of project lands.

An SMP can be a powerful tool for the licensee in helping them meet their project responsibilities throughout the term of their license. SMPs are comprehensive land-use policies and regulations designed to guide responsible shoreline use. The SMP assists in managing multiple resources and permitting uses of the project's shorelines so to remain consistent with license requirements and project purposes. In particular, the SMP classifies the shoreline and indicates where environmentally sensitive habitats exist, identifies areas requiring shoreline stabilization and excavation, identifies the location of existing facilities and uses, and stipulates where future development and the type of development may be considered. An SMP designates the degree of public and private access, while protecting the natural resources of the project shoreline and waters, and plan for water-dependent activities.

YES has the experience and knowledge to develop unique SMPs tailored to project-specific requirements. FERC requires consultation, review, and comment during the development phase of SMPs. YES has extensive experience in the consultation process and outreach to these agencies and the public.

Recreation Management Plans

Recreation management planning is essential to define the responsibilities of licensees when public recreation facilities are to be provided at a hydroelectric project. FERC requires that for both existing and proposed recreation facilities the licensee must complete a Recreation Management Plan (RMP). The RMP is a guide to plan, design, construct, renovate, monitor, fund, operate, and maintain existing and future public recreation activities and programs at the project consistent with area recreational needs.

The RMP establishes goals for managing recreation resources in the project boundary, identifying proposed measures for existing and proposed recreation resources, and describes programs designed to implement those measures. Through the RMP, the licensee must assure FERC that lands have been acquired to assure optimum development of the recreation resources afforded by the project, considering the needs of persons with disabilities in the design of facilities and access, will occur. RMPs include coordination of efforts with others in the development of recreation areas and facilities, provide for planning, operation, and maintenance of these facilities, and inform potential users of opportunities for recreation at licensed projects.

FERC approved recreation facilities are incorporated into the project boundary, and the licensee is ultimately responsible for their operation and maintenance. Other recreation facilities may be provided by federal, state, and municipal and/or county agencies, and/or non-project uses at the project and in the vicinity of the project.

YES has the experience and knowledge to develop RMPs designed to ensure that the licensee is compliant with FERC-specific requirements. FERC requires consultation, review, and comment during the development phase of RMPs. YES has extensive experience in the consultation process and outreach to these stakeholders.

Green Energy Services and Solutions Program 

YES is proud of our Green Energy Services and Solutions Program which covers a wide range of services including, but not limited to: Energy Efficiency, Energy Master Plans, Energy Conservation, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Carbon Management Plans, and Review of Renewable Energy Projects in developing countries; including the impact on Cultural, Socioeconomic, and Environmental Resources.