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Young Energy Services, LLC (YES) is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the Environmental Review and Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects, including Hydro, Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Biomass. YES Staff and Associates are experienced in the Siting, Permitting and Licensing of Energy Related Projects throughout the United States and Canada, as well as the Review of Energy Projects around the World. YES has Strategically Selected Staff who have provided High Quality, Cost-Effective, Environmental and Engineering Energy Services including the Management and Execution of an Engineering and Environmental Support Contract with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Office of Energy Projects.

Expert Licensing Staff 

YES Staff is expert in the Licensing of conventional hydro, pumped storage and hydrokinetic projects that require licensing by FERC, including shoreline management. YES Staff is also experienced in the siting and permitting of the entire spectrum of renewable energy projects. We have associates experienced in the study, licensing and review of gas fired generating stations, gas pipeline and gas storage projects. YES Staff has extensive involvement in agency consultation, public interaction YES White Logoand liaison with project engineers. Associated staff have specialized expertise in hydro engineering and in the hydraulic modeling of hydro project operations and in the specialized calculation of features such as the Probable Maximum Precipitation and Flood. YES Staff has been involved with International Utilities and lending agencies. In Africa YES Staff has worked with the African Development Bank in the development of review guidelines for energy projects and has participated in environmental training programs in Thailand and the Ivory Coast. Hydro projects have been reviewed by YES Staff in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Liberia.

Green Energy Services and Solutions Program 

YES is proud of our Green Energy Services and Solutions Program which covers a wide range of services including, but not limited to: Energy Efficiency, Energy Master Plans, Energy Conservation, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Carbon Management Plans and Review of Renewable Energy Projects in developing countries, including the impact on Cultural, Socioeconomic and the Environment.